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Women’s soccer beats Montana State University Billings

Despite the horizontal rain and strong wind, Western’s women’s soccer team beat the Montana State University Billings, 2-0, Saturday, Oct. 10, at home.

It was a scoreless first half, although the Viking offense was played strongly against the MSU goalie.

“It took us a long time to figure out their puzzle in the first half,” assistant coach Claire Morgan said. “Each team is a little bit different and they brought a little something different to the table.”

Viking junior forward Elise Aylward scored the first goal of the evening at the beginning of the second half,  with an assist from freshman forward Gabriela Pelogi. Pelogi diverted the ball, sending it to Aylward and allowing her to score, putting the Vikings ahead at 1-0.

Sophomore midfielder Emily Webster scored the final goal against MSU during a free kick towards the end of the second half, sending the Vikings into a victory.

“The second half we really moved the ball well,”  head coach Travis Connell said. “We were able to find gaps between their lines and be able to break them down that way.”

Vikings will play Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Thursday, Oct. 15. The next home game is  Thursday, Oct. 22, at 7 p.m. on Harrington Field, against Simon Fraser University at Robert S. Harrington Field.

Caitlyn Jobanek breaks through MSU's defense on Saturday, Oct. 10, at Robert S. Harrington Field. // Photo by Caleb Galbreath

Caitlyn Jobanek breaks through MSU’s defense on Saturday, Oct. 10, at Robert S. Harrington Field. // Photo by Caleb Galbreath


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