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Cheap and Easy Recipes: Fried Rice

I’m going to say rice for dinner isn’t much of a change from your general diet. Perhaps it’s top-ramen, Oreos, spaghetti or rare orange-Halloween themed Oreos. Otherwise, you could be like me and eat rice for a majority of meals.

Here’s what is crazy: Frying. Whether it is white or brown rice; if you’re into pepper, ginger, onions or kiwis you can fry it. It’s like one of those “create your own pizza nights.”

Perhaps it’s even simpler than the cookie recipe. All you really need for this dish is rice and oil. In the long run, this recipe is much cheaper as well.


  • Bulk rice of some variety
  • Cooking oil (I dig extra virgin olive oil)

From there it’s your call. My fried rice ended up including fried onions, leafy greens of some unknown back of the fridge variety, Sriracha sauce (zesty ambrosia), avocado, deli meat turkey and an egg cooked through. Shenanigans in the kitchen!

To prepare rice, you need to wash the rice. Rinse and wash the rice a few times until the water is clear. Then boil 2 cups water for every 1 cup rice in a pot.

Once the rice is clean and the water boilin’ drop your rice into the boiling water and wait for 20 odd minutes or until the water has been absorbed. Pro tip: I typically have rice made ahead of time (using my excellent time management skills) and when I want to make fried rice it’s ready! BAM!

Your rice is reaIMG_8545dy and your tum-tum is growling, so throw oil into a pan as gently as you can. Like an underhand pitch or something. The pan should be on medium or high heat, but watch it and stir it around a good deal until it’s pleasantly fried.

Here’s where you get zany. If you want to put avocado in, add it in. Also keep in mind that whatever ingredients you add may not auto-cook just by being in the pan. For example if you decide to add egg, make sure it cooks before taking your rice out.

I do recommend spices, because they’re the variety of life. Just add spices (pepper, cayenne pepper, cardamom, whatever you have because unlike bulk rice and oil this extra business could potentially be expensive!)

Simple, relatively quick and much, much better than plain white rice. Put those Oreos back on the shelf, and whip out your very own Frankenstein’s monster of fried rice.


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