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Healthy Active Living, the College Way: Trail Running

Let’s face it, running is often monotonous. You mix up your playlist, your pace and your outfit just to add a little excitement. Trail running is often an effective way to build muscle and mix up your normal route. Trail running is also easier on your joints as the impact from the dirt and mud is less than that of asphalt or concrete.

I have chosen three of many of Bellingham’s greatest trail runs to highlight. Bellingham’s lush environment provides a gorgeous environment for runners.
IMG_2927-2 The first, and my favorite, is the Interurban Trail. The Interurban connects the Fairhaven Historic District with Larrabee State Park. For a trail run it is a fairly easy route, except for a steep section through Arroyo Park. The route wraps through the beautiful woods with magnificent views of Bellingham and Chuckanut Bay as well as the San Juan Islands, on clear days that is.

Over 9 miles of trail, there is always more to explore.

For more on information follow the link below:



Another beautiful trail that snakes along North Lake Whatcom shoreline, is Hertz Trail. You can follow Hertz lakeside for 3.1 miles

IMG_1366-2 where you will reach a turn around. The trail is fairly flat with only a slightly rolling hill mid-way through your run and a steep hill to get from the trailhead down to the water where the trail begins. There are benches along the way if you wish to stop, catch your breath, and take in the view.

For more information on the Hertz Trail follow the link bellow: http://www.bellingham.org/insider-blogs/hoofin-it-on-the-hertz-trail-lake-whatcom-park/

AU13WhatcomCreekFallsPD The Whatcom Falls Park Trail System, winds through the woods, takes you over creeks, past waterfalls, and much more. There are many routes you can take through this area which is part of what makes the Falls so exciting. My one tip of advice is to pay attention where you turn. If you don’t know where you’re going it can be easy to be turned around.

Follow this link for a map and more information on Whatcom Falls Trail. https://www.cob.org/documents/parks/parks-trails/trail-guide/whatcom_falls.pdf


Photo Credit for Whatcom Falls: http://www.scenicusa.net/images/AU13WhatcomCreekFallsPD.jpg

Other images taken by the Amanda Milner


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