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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

GUEST COLUMN: Stop Punishing Taxpayers

I’ve been made aware of the Report to Taxpayers, Stop Punishing Taxpayers – Start Rebuilding Community, which has greatly educated me on the jail sales tax issue and the vast array of existing alternatives to jail.  I recommend that every taxpayer, especially stakeholders read this report.  I recommend a vote FOR Joy Gilfilen, County Executive, co-author of this report who understands other immense issues facing our county.

I’m pleased to know it is available for public view, perusal and education at our public libraries and now available online at www.restorativecommunity.com and www.whatcomrec.org.

After reading this report, if you do not agree with the proposed sales tax initiative please join me in voting NO on Prop. 2015-1 on Nov. 3.

I encourage you to ask the hard questions to allow the facts and figures speak for themselves as the discussion persists within our community.  I feel it is not in our best interest to build a large jail instead of investing in rehabilitation of our citizens with mental health and alternatives to jail as identified in the Report to Taxpayers.  I feel we should be investing in jobs and mentorship NOT in punishment and jails for corporate profit.


Cathy Bradshaw


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