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BACKSTAGE ACCESS: Insight into the lives of real music professionals

WEEK 1 FOCUS OF INDUSTRY: Singer/Songwriter

This week on BACKSTAGE ACCESS, I will take a glimpse into the life of a professional who works as a singer/songwriter in the music industry. Keep reading to discover what this professional defines their job to be, its importance to them, a day in their professional life and the advice they have to offer.


Featured Professional: Grace Love of Grace Love & the True Loves


Grace Love, 29, is front woman, singer and songwriter for a nine piece, Seattle soul band. Grace Love & the True Loves is a little over a year old and just recently started a nine day west coast tour, which started in Seattle, Wash. on Oct. 2nd and will end in San Francisco, CA. I had the chance to sit down with Grace Love and talk to her about the role she plays in the music industry.

Grace Love defines what being a singer/songwriter means to her:

“My job is to make people feel, my job is to create a platform where I am as vulnerable as possible,” Love said.

Love said one of her biggest roles as a singer/songwriter is to show people how to channel vulnerability and how to be okay with whatever emotions they may be dealing with, even if they do not know how to feel. Love said this job is equally important for both her personally and for her listeners.

Grace Love’s road to the True Loves:

Love said she has always been able to sing. It was not until her mother’s passing in 2007 which inspired her to start pursuing music. “Life is short, and you gotta do what you gotta do,” Love said.

After spending time in Manchester playing music with all kinds of people, Grace Love came back to the states and met Jimmy James, the current guitarist of The True Loves.

grace love

“I had met him {Jimmy} beforehand, but it wasn’t the right time for me in music, and I kind of wanted give up,” Love stated.

Love said James encouraged her to play music with him and other people. That is when The True Loves came to be. Love said she viewed this group as a challenge for her to let go of the past and do something new.

“We connected instantly,” Love said.

A look into of Grace Love’s Daily Work Life:

Love emphasized how her work as a singer/songwriter for The True Loves is a constant effort. On a daily basis, Love receives roughly 20 to 30 emails and 200 texts regarding the band. Over the course of two to five days, the band will get anywhere from 175 to 300 notifications on Facebook.

“It’s always work, even when I sleep, it’s always work,” Love said.

Resources suggested by Grace:

Love is about to launch an arts program in Seattle for individuals ages 18 to 25 next fall. The nonprofit, “Nating’s House,” is for young adults interested in learning more about the art, according to Love. She provides housing and food to those in the program in exchange for them to work in her kitchen, Natings Café. On top of that, Love would supply contacts and resources related to the arts for each individual’s specific focus of interest.

Love described that the program allows individuals to learn a skill at her restaurant, but they also get a chance to develop themselves in their art.

“This arts program is to help learn about themselves,” Love said, “If they feel disconnected or alone, they will have this support system in their work.”

Advice from Grace Love:

“Never give up,” Love said, “I have probably given up every single day, but then something magical happens.” She stated that you have to keep trying different things, ask questions and “to be as bold as you need to be.”


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