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Man and the mascara: Coconut Oil

Man and the mascara is a health and beauty blog written for all genders. This blog is dedicated to helping students at Western achieve great cosmetic success that will keep skin healthy and wallets full.

One day I was in the kitchen cooking on the stove with coconut oil, and one of my roommates had come out and asked if she could use some. I agreed, assuming that she would just use it to put something on the stove as I had done. I was surprised when she just took a spoonful and shoved it down her throat.

I remember thinking to myself that swallowing cooking grease can’t be very healthy. I thought this girl was going to have a heart attack. I did a little research and to my surprise coconut oil is actually really good for you AND it has a number of other very practical uses outside of the kitchen. By practical, I mean cosmetic.

Facial Wash: Coconut oil is a good way to clean your skin without putting harsh chemicals on your body that are going to dry out your skin and potentially cause some irritation. Coconut oil actually acts as a moisturizing agent as well; so feel free to toss away that expensive bottle of facial cream (After you finish it of course because there is no need to waste money.)

Makeup Remover: I learned this trick when my friend came and visited for a few weeks. She was taking off her makeup with this chunky substance (which I later found out was coconut oil). She had told me the lady at Sephora told her that it worked really well at taking make-up off your skin, again without any of the drying effects of makeup remover. So it got her skin moist, preventing drying and aging and works really easily.

Scar and Stretch Mark Remover: Coconut oils carry an essential saturated fat that actually strengthens the cell wall, according to New Health Advisor.

Hair and Scalp Repair: My roommate told me that coconut is really good for dandruff and dry scalp. I put it to the test and it worked really well, my hair had never been so soft and moisturized. It cured my dandruff problem on the spot. Coconut oil is also very good for damaged and split ends.

Toothpaste: Yes I said it, toothpaste. Tooth paste is actually made with the harmful ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which according to Livestrong.com is an ingredient commonly found in laundry detergent and other cleansing agents. It makes you wonder why we put it in our bodies. Instead we should try making our own, and coconut oil makes a great base.

Coconut oil really is the miracle worker in health and we should embrace it in every facet we can. It works wonders in and outside of the kitchen. Along with the cosmetic uses I’ve suggested, you should also try it instead of cooking oil because it’s a lot lighter.


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