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Campus style: European inspired thrifting





Jacket – Forever 21

Top – Her mom’s closet!

Jeans – Target

Boots – A shop in Paris

Hat – Buffalo Exchange


Meet Ella Otanez, a junior at Western studying political science.

Otanez describes her style with a very refreshing word for us college kids, “affordable”

“I am a college student, therefore I cannot buy anything that is over $20 at one time, Otanez said. “So I really try to find things that are less expensive.”

Just like many of us, Otanez draws her style from her surroundings, so traveling to Europe over the summer heightened her taste a little bit.

“I saw a lot of things and I was like, wow I want to look like that,” Otanez said.

But even though we all dream of doing all of our shopping in Paris, Otanez enjoys shopping at Goodwill, Forever 21, and H&M.

Style is something that Otanez believes people can use to their advantage to express themselves and that is exactly what she likes to do.

“For me it’s important to show other people who I am,” Otanez said.


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