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Brenna’s Take on the News: Reddit, the Internet and All Day Breakfast

Hello Western students! The Western Front is starting a new segment, Brenna’s Take on the News, for all of your satirical news needs. Look here for one woman’s cynical view of politics, media and whatever else is trending.


A few of today’s headlines for Oct. 6:

UpVoted: A new website through Reddit

Reddit has announced it’s plans to launch a new branch of its website called UpVoted–a stand alone news site that will basically Reddit the original Reddit by taking content they’ve already found on the internet and making it into news.
Unlike the name suggests, comments and upvotes will not be enabled, with the intention to limit the hostility that comes with such features. Internet trolls, it’s time to find a new bridge to live under. And as for news outlets? It’s time to watch out for UpVote.

Data Transfer Pact Between U.S. and Europe Is Ruled Invalid

A deal that allowed companies to move people’s digital data between the European Union and the United States has now been ruled invalid by the European Court of Justice–the highest official authority in the European Union. Companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook are not super thrilled. This agreement is the one that makes it so if we order printer from Amazon once in the year 2014, we will see ads for printers on our Facebook newsfeed for the rest of our lives.
But Europe isn’t having it. Internet or not, the European Union still feels the privacy of their people’s personal data should be protected. The EU also isn’t a fan of the United States having the right to European personal data but a European not having the right to bring a legal privacy case to the United States.
It’ll be interesting to see what this means for global commerce, but for the rest of us in America don’t worry: you’ll still be seeing those printer ads from 2014.

Finally, the day has come. As the top trending hashtag Tuesday, Oct. 6, twitter users around the globe are celebrating the grand opening of McDonald’s serving breakfast every single hour of the day. Now there is nothing to limit us from Egg McMuffins but our self control–and the obesity rates in this country show how well that works.
Meanwhile, Denny’s is feeling pretty underwhelmed by it all:
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