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Viking Voices Sept. 29

Viking Voices showcases student opinions on different issues by asking them different questions.

Are your parents your primary source of financial support? If so, what do they support you with? If not, how do you support yourself? How do you feel about your current financial situation?


Josh Pehrson sophomore
Josh Pehrson

“Yes. I think that during my freshman year it was expected that I was a little bit more reliant upon them even though I don’t really like asking them for things. This year I am trying to hold up my own end a lot more. I think that I am lucky that they are able to provide that for me, but at the same time I am really trying to phase that out.”



Tanner Abernathy sophomore, English
Tanner Abernathy
sophomore, English

“They buy me groceries if I go home, but that is about it… I don’t feel like I have to rely on my parents for financial support. I have four other siblings who probably need it more than me… I get a lot of money from the government because of things that have happened, so that pays for the majority of school. Everything else comes from working. I feel comfortable [in my current financial situation]. I just can’t beat around the bush and take too long in school or else I will have to pull out loans.”

Austin Limanek senior, physics
Austin Limanek
senior, physics



“They are not. I go through FAFSA and scholarships… I was kind of worried coming into Western not having that support from my family, but the FAFSA has really allowed me to become independent in my financial situation. That has kind of empowered me looking towards the future and knowing that I can work through it on my own.”




Caroline Haywood freshman, psychology
Caroline Haywood
freshman, psychology


“At the moment yeah… My parents are paying for my tuition at the moment and are also paying for my meal plan. I got to pitch in a little bit, but they are paying for mostly everything this year… It’s not like I’m in dire straights right now, but I am nervous because I know that next year I will not rely on my parents as much so I will have to figure out a system for myself financially so that I won’t have to go into too much debt for college.”




Jake Roorda sophomore, business administration
Jake Roorda
sophomore, business administration




“They provide about half of my support… I feel [my situation] is sustainable and secure. I have everything covered through family or financial aid… [My situation] makes it so that I can focus on school. Any money I have can just be spending money and I don’t have to worry about covering my tuition.”





Sam Reardon freshman, chemistry
Sam Reardon
freshman, chemistry



“Yes, they support me with tuition, housing and food. For the rest I work in the summers an extreme amount and then all the spending besides that is on me. I think [my financial situation] is pretty solid. I don’t have any wants or needs and if I do I have some cash that I have saved up.”




Sascha-Guenter-Schlesinger sophomore, journalism
sophomore, journalism





“Kind of, I also work. They pay my rent, but I pay the bills and they also help with tuition… I work two jobs so I have independent money, which is really good, but my parents are willing to help so I feel comfortable with where I am.”





Jillian Powers sophomore, public relations
Jillian Powers
sophomore, public relations




“They support me with rent, tuition and money to get by day-to-day… With FAFSA I didn’t get as much money as I was hoping, so right now I am looking for scholarships to try to take the money off of my parents back… [It is teaching me] the value of money and how hard we have to work for it — and respect for my parents that they are willing to give up money for me now so that I am able to go to school.”





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