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AS Outdoor Center now offers more trips

Justin Janczakowski, left, helps Zach Pike-Urlacher attach a derailleur to his bike at the Outdoor Center.  Photo by Dominic Yoxtheimer
Justin Janczakowski, left, helps Zach Pike-Urlacher attach a derailleur to his bike at the Outdoor Center. // Photo by Dominic Yoxtheimer

The Associated Students Outdoor Center will now be providing Weekend WOOT!, Western Outdoor Orientation Trips, for freshmen during the 2015 winter quarter.

The Outdoor Center created the Weekend WOOT! to accommodate for the over-popularity of the traditional WOOT!.

”They are super popular,” said Spencer Pickell, AS Outdoor equipments shop coordinator. “Registration usually gets filled up within a day of it being open.”

The WOOT! is a six day program exclusive to first year students and is designed around skill and team building.

WOOT! is held during the three weeks prior to the start of fall quarter, Aug 30-Sept 5 and Sept 13-19.

“There is like no experience required and they go backpacking and kayaking,” Pickell said. “It is a good way for people to boost confidence in themselves. Outdoor activity can be slightly intimidating to inexperienced people who come in here.”

Weekend WOOT! is similar but shorter.

“They made it because there is a really high demand for WOOT!,” Pickell said. “That was a way for students who could not make it the week before school to still get out there and experience it.”

The Western Outdoor Center also has a bike repair shop and equipment rentals available to Western students.

“We can repair anything,” Pickell said. “We kind of have a hands-off type of thing. We’ll show them what to do and then set it back to normal so that we are not actually doing the final piece of work. That way we can’t be held liable.”

“[The Outdoor Center] is so much cheaper than any other bike shop that you could go to but the quality is also there,” said Zach Pike-Urlacher, a Fairhaven Senior. “The equipment you have access here is just, a lot.”

The Western Outdoor Center has rental equipment from bikes to tents and other outdoor recreation equipment.

“The most resourceful is the bicycle rentals,” said bike mechanic Justin Janczakowski. “You can rent a touring bike for $5 a day, which is especially for freshmen great because if you’re trying to get groceries or something it’s quicker than taking the bus and gets you outside.”


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