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Thursday, May 13, 2021

New on Netflix: Chris Tucker: Live

In his first time on film in the three years he acted in the Silver Linings Playbook, Chris Tucker delivered a stunningly hilarious return to the screen with his first ever stand-up special. Bringing together his company, Chris Tucker Entertainment, and Netflix, Tucker’s comedy can now be seen anywhere that Netflix is available. Performing at the Historic Fox Theater in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, Tucker was the most electrifyingly funny he has been since I remember him in the Rush Hour movies growing up. With energy-filled anecdotes, Tucker explores himself and his life thus far in the most complete way you could imagine. From talking about his life of fame to his time hanging out with Michael Jackson, Tucker puts a unique perspective on his experiences in a way that makes you laugh with reminiscent honesty. I found the set to be hilarious and it was fulfilling for what I expected of it. He has evolved as a comedian and he reminds me a little of the late, great Richard Pryor. Barring the fact that Netflix and Tucker were sued by comedian Terry Hodges three days before the July 10th release of this special for not paying Hodges 66 thousand dollars, this special is a perfect comeback for the comedic career of Tucker.


Final Review: (8.5/10) If you like old-school stand-up comedy, these are the jokes you’re looking for.


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