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New On Netflix: An Honest Liar

Since this is my first post on this blog, let me give a disclaimer about the content I will provide.This is a blog centered on items from the “Recently Added,” or “New Releases,” sections of Netflix. I am not going to give entire plot summaries and I’m not going to spoil you the satisfaction one should receive from watching a film. I will be giving a review that is specific ,enough to create an idea of what the movie is, but vague enough so that you will still want to watch it.

“An Honest Liar,” Directed by Justin Weinstein and Tyler Measom.

This 90-minute documentary centers around the life of James “The Amazing” Randi, a magician contempt on showing the brilliance and evil of deceiving people. Looking back on his life at 86 years old, Randi narrates in detail, while the filmmakers double it with actual footage of the stories he tells. Along with intervals of present-day interviews with Randi, the film mirrors his quest of revealing who are wrongly deceiving people for profit in America, with the struggles he experiences now. The film does a great job at presenting the life of Randi in a way that shows people who he is through his work, while at the same time presenting a mindset that Randi thinks one should have while going through life. Randi creates an ideology in the watcher that magic is exactly what it should be, a form of deception. He claims that magicians use it solely for entertainment. Randi looks to prove how people who claim that they really do have paranormal powers are just playing on the deception of humanity.

Final Review: 9/10: A great documentary that will make you think.


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