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Campus Style: Funky-Preppy

Max Benedict is a junior in the Geology department who describes his campus style as “Funky-Preppy.”IMG_0820

Some of his go-to items include Ralph Lauren shirts and Pendleton button-downs, the really rare ones that other people probably don’t have, he says.

Benedict is shown wearing his favorite article of clothing a Ralph Lauren rugby shirt. Benedict likes the eclectic mix of stripes and color-block print to extenuate two crests on the chest.

Benedict likes his rugby shirts so much, he bought two of them, one to wear to things where it might get dirty and another when he wants to keep it fancy, he says.

Benedict does most of his shopping at Goodwill and Value Village, but for more specific items of clothing he looks to eBay, he says.



Ralph Lauren Rugby: $30 eBay

Shorts: Used Levi Shorts $3

Shoes: Black Vans $45

Total: $78


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