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Summer Treats

Welcome to the first Summer Treats blog post, my name is Kieran. With the slightly above average heat for Washington this summer, I have focused this blog on making things that compliment your appetite in the sun. For the very first post here I went with something incredibly simple that is great for cooling off after spending your day by Lake Padden.

Watermelon Refresher


What will I need?

This recipe doesn’t require much; the serving sizes I have listed are enough for 2-3 people. The entire bill for all supplies came out to be about $6


  • A blender
  • Watermelon slices (I found 6 small slices to be plenty for this recipe, add more for a stronger watermelon taste)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 lime
  • A tool to juice the lime
  • 3 tsp of sugar (add more in tsp increments if the drink is too sour)
  • ½ cup of water

Prep work

Estimated time: 1 hour

  • To prepare for this drink you will first need to slice the watermelon into small slices.
  • Cut the rind off the slices otherwise it will not freeze properly (I learned that the hard way).
  • Place the slices on a plate or in an open container and place in your freezer.
  • After about an hour you can prepare the other materials for blending.
  • You need to juice one small lime. You are free to add more but it can become extremely sour.
  • Cut the banana into small slices so that it blends easier.
  • Take the watermelon out of the freezer and make sure it is at least slightly frozen. It doesn’t need to be rock solid.

Making the drink

Estimated time: 2 minutes

Place all of these materials as well as the water and sugar into the blender.

Blend on a very high speed to make sure everything gets blended together.

After it has fully blended pour it into a container for storage or pour it right into your glass.


For storage purposes it keeps well in the fridge, but make sure you stir it after it has been sitting so the watermelon does not sink to the bottom.


All in all it is a very easy drink to make and makes a great refreshment. It can even be used as a margarita if you so choose. Next post I will cover a fun dessert for those summer parties.



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