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The Blog That Bumps: Hip-Hop Ladies

When it comes to hip-hop, most listeners can only name male artists off the top of their head. The industry is still a boys club, and it may stay that way for a few more generations. I mean come on, there’s more female artists than just Beyonce, Lil’ Kim and Missy Elliot that deserve to be mentioned.

In this issue, I would like to take the time to feature a few ladies that are beginning to take over the rap game. They’re all young, sassy and love being a part of a boy’s world. Here’s to the sisters of hip-hop.


Lorine Chia is the first name that comes to my mind. If you’re familiar with Morcheeba, you’ll love this chick. She won me over in 2012, when she began sharing tracks from her self-titled debut album: LOЯINE

I could name half-dozen tracks of hers that give me goose bumps. Her songs could be described at alternative hip-hop with elements of futuristic jazz, and the passion of R&B. Her raspy, blues influenced voice reminds me of Amy Winehouse. She has also collaborated with those like Chance the Rapper and Machine Gun Kelly. You will definitely be hearing more from this 22-year-old songstress in the future.


This Oakland artist is known for her lyrics that open up the truth about her life experience. Her dedication for sharing vulnerable moments with her audience, is what keeps them coming back.

Recently she has released her new album, “You Should Be Here,” and once again, Chance the Rapper is featured in this album on “The Way.”

I wouldn’t be doing her justice if I didn’t mention her album that has gained the most attention, “Cloud 19.”
I promise, once you get familiar with her tracks, you’ll begin to notice them sampled in quite a few mix tapes.

Noname Gypsy: 

Noname has worked with other Chicago hip hop artists like Vic Mensa, Mick Jenkins, The O’My’s, Saba and Chance the Rapper. Like I said in my previous post, Chicago is blowing up right now.

She has a fresh new approach with her lyrical style, that’s often paired with amazing video visuals. Though she rarely posts or shares much of her work, you have the opportunity to stream a few of her tracks through her Soundcloud and Facebook band page.



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