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Hip-hop is far from dead. Hip-hop is the bread and butter of my day-to-day, and I have compiled a playlist of tracks and artists that I feel necessary to show some love and recognition for their dedication to game. Beyond this blog, you can follow the artists and tracks that I’m listening to by following my Soundcloud:

I wouldn’t be able to start, without sharing with my love for the music scene in Chicago. Although I have yet to visit, I tip my hat to the Windy City for blowing me away. Chicago has become a destination that is on the top of my bucket list just because of the impact it’s had on the music industry. Chicago’s music scene always continues to stay active, while continuing to pump out bangers.

When I think of the definition of a true hip-hop artist, I begin to create a laundry list of artist that are all from the same region. These are artist that go beyond the classics of Twista and Kanye West and are able to bring the bangers that reflect the truth in their surroundings, while discussing hot-button issues.

These are artist that in my opinion, speak to current issues through their lyrics, that go beyond gold chains and stacking paper.


This Chicago native is signed with Cinematic Music Group and he has been active for a few years now. Let me share with you the artist who truly discovered the importance of thrift shopping. And I promise you it wasn’t fancy-pants Macklemore. “Don’t listen, save money…”

“Value Village,” by Mick Jenkins

Mick Jenkins is at the top of my list and has been for the past few years. With his most recent mixtape how can you not turn up? It’s been a few months since its release, but he continues to get recognition and although the mixtape is called “The Water[s],” he brings nothing but fire.

Take a moment, and soak up The Water[s].

If you enjoy The Water[s], feel free to download his “Trees and Truths” album for free. This is the mix tape that won me over.



Next I have to mention, Saba. Saba is a very successful young artist in the game right now. He has collaborated with everyone’s favorite Chance the Rapper, who is also a Chicago native. He has a natural understanding of how to connect with his audience, by providing content and shows that are easily accessible for all.

Let me just link to his most recent project, because that too is free for you.

Saba recently gained a lot of Internet attention for his more recent mixtape “ComfortZone.” Here is the link to one of his most recent music videos from this album, Burnout:

“Burnout,” by Saba feat. Eryn Allen Kane


This teenage rapper has been on the scene since 2010, and at 18 years old he broke into the scene with his mixtape called “Self Rule.” Throughout this project artists like Chance the Rapper, Alex Wiley and Ab-Soul done collaborations with him. If you like hip-hop, do yourself a favor, download this mixtape because it’s worth it.

“Self Rule,” by Kembe X – http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/kembe-x-self-rule-mixtape.35233.html?song-26014

I can’t leave with our mentioning the track that made me fall in love with this artist. With that, I leave you with “As I Unfold,” and I sure hope you turn it up because it bumps.


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