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As our last editorial of the academic year, we decided to salute the students of Western. A few of our pieces have been critical of segments of student life, but at the end of the day, let’s be real: we’re all busting ass.

From our camp at The Western Front, we have 40-plus student reporters and 15 student editors. On top of our packed school schedules, we dedicate every Monday and Thursday night to putting the paper together. The Front may not have the best reputation on campus, but the amount of work that goes into it is absolutely phenomenal. Cheers to the entire team that makes the paper possible.

Let’s talk about Lawnstock. We had a free music festival on campus, including food and a cyclone swing. Thanks to the Associated Students and everyone who put that on. It was a massively successful event, and it’s pretty awesome that we students have the option to check out on-campus events like that.

Now, how about MEChA de WWU? They were the students behind the Lowrider event, which celebrated its 15th consecutive year this year. Food trucks, a jalapeno-eating contest, lowriders and tricked-out bikes were just the tip of the iceberg. Students who have full class schedules and jobs made that all happen.

Do you remember when the drama department put on “Legally Blonde, the Musical” back in fall quarter? For those who didn’t attend, you missed out. It was hilarious, professional and had character that separated it from the actual movie. We don’t know how many students were involved, but the crew had to have been pretty massive, and each one of those students did a fantastic job.

We all remember the petting zoo on the Communications Facility lawn during winter quarter. What a great way to destress by going outside, enjoying the sun and hanging out with some cute animals. We don’t know about you, but that wallaby was adorable. We watched from the Front office as students milled about the fenced-in enclosure of huggable critters. Hundreds of Snapchat stories were graced with cuddly rabbits and goats that day.

Possibly the coolest thing that happened this year: TEDxWWU. It’s pretty wild to see something that’s on Netflix happen on campus. Students and professors got involved and collaborated with incredible innovators of our time to bring this incredible event to our campus.

So what we’re trying to say is Western is rad. There are certainly imperfections, but that’s the nature of humanity. We think our school is a pretty awesome place, and even though we knock some ideas, policies and decisions, we are pretty stoked to go to Western. For those who are graduating, enjoy your last week here. Everyone else, we’ll see you next quarter. For now, all’s quiet on the Front.

The editorial board is composed of Anna Jentoft, Dylan Green, Brandon Stone and Stephanie Villiers.


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