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Campus Style: Inspired by Grandpa


Business Major, Ben Matz, 20 describes his style as, “very, very sexy.”

His fashion sense is inspired from his Grandpa. He would take his Grandpas hand me down flannels and plaid shirts, cut them up and wear them.

“He used to give me his clothes back in high school and I would wear them and I would mismatch the stuff,” Matz said.

Matz is featured wearing green pants by Vans he got at Value Village, a white t-shirt he cut holes in and a Gucci visor that retails for 200 dollars.

The shoes are Ice Creams by Pharrell that Matz got back in middle school for 60 dollars. Matz accessorizes his outfit with the 14 karat gold chain with a sterling silver stop charm from Macys and some shades, “I’m wearing my mom’s sunglasses, probably from back in 97′,” Matz said.

Matz gets most of his clothes from a swap meet or Value Village and Gucci.com for the headwear, he says.

Estimated fit value for the outfit: $562.99

White T: $10

Vans Pants: $15 from Value Village

Shoes: $60

Gucci visor: $200

Sunglasses: $2.99

Necklace: $275


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