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Women of Western: FIFA 16

Electronic Arts (EA) announced this past week that it will add female teams to the new FIFA 16 soccer video game.

The first FIFA game in the series was released in 1993, but this year it plans to add popular female soccer players to the animated character selection for people to choose from. In a male-dominated video game industry, the addition of more diversity could provide a broader market for EA.

Read the interview with the senior producer of the game, Nick Channon, to learn why he felt it was time to introduce the best women soccer players to FIFA 16 here.

The international women soccer teams that will be featured in the game will be from Australia, France, Brazil, Germany, Canada, China, England, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, Spain and the United States.

While it has been over 22 years since the game it has been released, EA stated that they wanted to introduce women’s soccer because it has become a more profitable market.

Social media users seemed excited about this, even amongst the news of the controversial FIFA officials being arrested for potential fraud. However, there was some predictable jokes produced amongst the FIFA fan crowd.

Relax, guys. Here are some encouraging words:

United States’ female soccer player Abby Wambach even had something to celebrate.

It is important to remember to support your fellow female athletes, on and off campus. They have worked hard to get to the place they are today. Participation in sports helps women be in leadership opportunities and promotes gender equality in sports. We are all in this together, and I think it wouldn’t hurt to try out a game or two of the new FIFA 16 for those male and female gamers out there. I know I will!

To show your support for FIFA 16, follow #INTHEGAME on Twitter. For more information on what you can do to support your fellow female athletes, visit www.feminist.org/research/sports/sports2a.html


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