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The Art of Photography: Becki Walker

Photographs are taken all over the world. Some are of beautiful landscapes, while others are of beautiful people.

In a digitally dependent culture, photography is a growing and respected art. People are constantly picking up cameras and becoming photographers.Becki Walker_0004 (1)

Becki Walker, owner of Becki Walker Photography, has been capturing people for over seven years.

“I like people and photography gave me the opportunity to blend my love for people and my love for capturing them on film,” Walker said.

Walker primarily captures high school seniors in varying locations and conditions.

Becki Walker_0002

“They’re young and excited to get their pictures taken. They don’t have a preconceived idea of what photos should look like and they aren’t thinking ‘I take bad photos’ or ‘It’s gonna show my wrinkles’,” Walker said.

Walker has built her business around the people and her love for capturing them in genuine moments.

“I try to create an experience that they may not have had somewhere else. [The experience] defines your brand. It defines who you are,” Walker said. “I want my clients to feel good when they look at their photos. I want them to feel taken care of during the experience,” Walker said.

Becki Walker_0003


There are other factors that play into creating photos that go beyond ordinary.

“I used to be scared to go into a new setting and not know what it was gonna look like or what the lighting and shadows were gonna be,” Walker said. “You can walk into any situation and read the light in the room and know where you want your subject to be and how you want the light to reflect.”

Natural lighting to Walker is the most important factor in capturing a quality photo.

“You can take any background that may seem ugly, focus in, and find a part of it that looks good. If you mess up your lighting, you mess up the whole photo,” Walker said.

Becki Walker_0005

Walker continues set herself apart as a professional photographer, not only in quality but in the relationships she builds.

“My goal was never to make a certain amount of money or have a certain amount of clients. My goal is that the person I am shooting always feels the most important and that in return, they refer me,” Walker said.

She encourages photographers at all skill levels to keep pursuing what they love.

“Keep practicing. Know your light and the situation. Play with your camera and your lense. Become so familiar with your equipment that it’s like riding a bike. Know what you love to shoot and don’t be everything to everyone,” Walker said.


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