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Restaurant Review: The Black Cat

A couple weeks back I stopped by Mambo Italiano for dinner with my mother. When we were there, there were pamphlets for a restaurant called The Black Cat. Last night my boyfriend and I decided to stop by for their happy hour. I will be reviewing six aspects of The Black Cat and hopefully I can help you determine if it will be the purrrfect place for you to dine.


The Black Cat is located on 1200 Harris Avenue #310. This restaurant is right in the heart of the historic downtown Fairhaven district. Very accessible for those students living on the south side of campus.


This restaurant had a very calm and relaxing atmosphere. The lights are dimmed with adorable stained glass lamps on each table. There is bar and restaurant style seating, so you can bring your underage friends to DD you once you’ve had one too many discounted drinks…or if you are the underaged one you can smash on some delicious food while watching your friend become a drunken idiot. They also have a room that can be reserved for parties and large groups called the cat’s alley.


If we were on Urban Spoon they would probably give this restaurant $$$ out of 5. Although, during their happy hour it is more than affordable for college student budget.

Happy Hour:

Their happy hour is AMAZING, it’s the cat’s meow! Most entries are $5 or less and are all fairly large portions. When I went my boyfriend and I each got our own happy hour entrée/appetizer and then split the third. We were so stuffed we could hardly even move, and we aren’t shy with a fork. The drink specials are also great. $4 for micro/draft pints, $1 off any glass of wine and $1 off any well drink.


The food at The Black Cat is absolutely delicious and the portions fit the price. I have two words for you: shrimp. Cakes. They will change your life forever. I also had the blackened prawn taco which was good but if you aren’t a fan of spicy food I would stay away. It has a bit of a kick to it…or should I say scratch…cause get it…cats scratch people…okay that one was a stretch.


Sorry ladies, you’re going to have to put a bra on for this one. And fellas, take of your basketball shorts and put on some real pants. The Black Cat calls for semi-formal attire.

For more information on The Black Cat go to their website: http://blackcatbellingham.com/


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