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Monday, October 19, 2020

TV Review: “Futurama”

Having never watched a full episode all the way through, only bits and pieces when a friend is watching it, I decided to watch my very first episode of “Futurama.”

Right off the bat, I realized the voice actor of Jake the Dog in the show called “Adventure Time” is the same voice actor of Bender in “Futurama.” His name is John DiMaggio and he’s awesome.

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The show Futurama, however, isn’t that awesome. It’s too distracting to me, but beside that fact, I still can’t seem to get into the show.

I’m late to the party with seeing this show because having aired in the year 1999, I feel that everyone and their mother has seen it, except for me.

Instead of watching the first episode like I usually do, I decided to jump right in because I’ve already heard about the premise of the show from overhearing friend’s conversations.

The show is supposed to be set in the 31st century, and it does a good job in showing all of the spaceships and robots that you’d expect to see at that time, but I just don’t find the show funny, if that’s what it’s trying to be.

The humor seems like a Déjà vu; that’s probably because I’ve seen the joke on either “The Simpsons,” “King of the Hill” or “Family Guy.”

I like the different sorts of characters and the personalities of the different robots that keep popping up in different episodes, like the ones in the episode called “HAL Institute.”

I don’t like that one-eyed girl, either. I don’t know what it is, but my biggest question is why do we have cyclopes’ in the 31st century?

Trying to get into this show was difficult, and I’m still not into it, but if a friend is watching the show at his house when I happen to show up, I won’t complain.

I’ll give the show a rating of 61/100. Over 60 points means I’ll watch again. Rating is based on four categories: comedy, plot, originality and acting; each with a 25 point maximum. The comedy category is rating in terms of genre, so in an action show, action would replace comedy. I’m going to classify “Futurama” as a comedy.

Comedy: 13/25

Plot: 13/25

Originality: 10/25

Acting: 25/25

Total: 61/100


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