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There’s an App for That: Apps for your Major 3

Our cell phones are part of a huge network of technology that connects us to the world and to each other – why not use it to connect to your studies? If an app for your major wasn’t on the last two lists, read on: it’s Apps for your Major: the final chapter. Click here for part one or part two.


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1. Werdsmith

Category: Project management and storage

Great For: Creative writers, English majors, procrastinators and the sporadically inspired Werdsmith is a sleek yet practical interface for on-the-go authors. It’s a simple

It’s a simple mini-document management studio. The most basic function of the app is to store your word processing and organize it into projects. You can also set timers to remind you that it’s time to write or work on a project. Once you’ve created a project, you can set a word goal or a time goal to keep yourself on track. When your writing is complete, the app allows you to share it via email with ease. The app is free, but it’s also skin-and-bones as far as reference tools (thesaurus and dictionary), so I wouldn’t recommend it for long-term projects. However, if you register your email address (all for free), for long-term projects. However, if you register your email address (all for free), Werdsmith will track changes to your work and mark your progress in easy-to-read charts. Unfortunately, this app is currently only available for iOS.



2. Anthropology Spotlight

Category: Specialty reference

Great For: Anthropology students, sociologists, archeologists and Indiana Jones

Consider this app a professional, specialized Twitter account. This app provides the user with access to conferences, papers, articles, workshops, audio, video, bookmarking and specialized search functions – all anthropology-related. This app is especially useful because it allows you to add your favorite journals, professional profiles and other features to a feed so you can stay organized and up to date. If your college has a subscription to any professional search tools or databases, you can connect the app to your account for greater access to all your information. I wish there was an app like this for my major – oh, wait: there is. Wiley, the app producer, has spotlight apps for lots of different subjects. Unluckily, you need an Apple device to use these, too.


3. See Click Fix

Category: Reporting and Issue Management

Great For: Sustainability students, citizens, people who are tired of running over the same pot hole every day on their way to work

I’ve never seen anything like See Click Fix before. It’s sort of a combination of social media and civil engineering. The app uses your geographical area to show you a map of your city and allows you to view and report non-emergency issues to your local government and other helpful resources. For instance, one user reported the unsafe crosswalk conditions on Alabama Street, another asked for the stoplight on West Street. Each issue is assigned a number, a map, an issue date, options to vote on the issue, comment, add photos or follow the issue. The voting feature is pretty cool – you can tap to vote that an issue needs attention, and then that issue gets prioritized. Right now, the Bellingham neighborhood is pretty quiet, but the more people that use it, the better the app works. In an emergency, call 911, but for a civil service request, See Click Fix is the next big thing. Available for iOS or Android.



4. Law Dojo

Category: Educational Games

Great For: Law students, trivia enthusiasts and ninjas, of course

Law Dojo is a cute and creative learning tool to assist you in your legal studies.

In the game, you have ninjas in the dojo “practicing” law by responding to questions. Each deck has about 25 questions with multiple-choice answers to choose from. The quicker you select the correct answer, the more points you get and the quicker your ninjas rise through the ranks. You can only answer three questions incorrectly before you lose the game. In-app options to tweet your score to your followers or review material you’ve already covered are easily accessible. Decks on Supreme Court cases and Civil Rights come free with the app, but other decks are available to purchase. The LSAT deck is only $0.99, for instance. You can also access the Criminal Law Dojo, Contracts Dojo or Evidence Dojo for a small fee. This app is available for iOS or Android.

Chime in: What’s your major? What’s your app? Let us know!


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