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What’s WWU Listening To: 5/14

Thomas KaplanThomas Kaplan – junior

Law, justice and diversity

Listening to: Powa by Tune-Yards

“It’s a good song. I was in the mood for it on the way to school.”

Hannah JohnsonHannah Johnson – 5th year

Visual Journalism

Listening to: Often by The Weekend

“It’s very calming. If you’re trying to focus and be mellow, that’s why I listen to it.”

Alexa SweeneyAlexa Sweeney – freshman


Listening to: Halo by Beyoncé

“I’m just listening to Pandora right now.”

Lazar DresevicLazar Dresevic – sophomore

Financial Economics

Listening to: You’re So High by Eli & Fur

“I like them because it makes me feel productive, happy and ready to work my hardest.”

Eric RitterEric Ritter – senior


Listening to: Beast Mode by Ludacris

“I just like the beat. Luda goes in a little bit.”

Alina FloresAline Flores – Junior

Human Services

Listening to: Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Who doesn’t like the Red Hot Chili Peppers?”


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