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Intramural Spotlight: Threepeats Strike Again

One of the various intramural sports offered in the spring is volleyball. There are a lot of teams that are working hard to win first place this year, so let’s take a look at a team that has put in a lot of effort this quarter.

Shane Hunt
Shane Hunt

Shane Hunt, a senior studying Spanish, is the team captain for a co-ed recreational team named the Threepeats Strike Again.

Hunt had an intramural volleyball team during winter quarter called the Threepeats, and when they created a team for this quarter the decided to keep the same name and add on, Hunt said.

“We became the threepeats originally because we don’t win a lot, so we thought if we had a better name we might be winning more,” Hunt said.

Hunt has played intramural volleyball every quarter since his freshman year, he said.

Ellie Silesky, a junior studying history, has been playing with Hunt for two quarters, she said. She is good friends with Hunt so she joined his team winter quarter, Silesky said.

The hardest part of playing volleyball, in general, is keeping a constant line of communication, Silesky said.

“Sometimes people think another teammate is going to get the ball, but they never actually intended to,” Silesky said. “Those moments are the most frustrating part of the game.”

She prefers the back of the court rather than the front because you get to serve the ball,Silesky said.

Ellie Silesky
Ellie Silesky

“In the front there is a lot of pressure for spikes,” Silesky said. “So if someone spikes it, there is a lot of pressure on you to try and block it, which I am not very good at.”

The Threepeats Strike Again have a positive outlook on how they play so the team chemistry is strong, Hunt said.

“We get a little better each time we play,” Hunt said. “And we get along with everyone we play with.”

One of the Threepeats Strike Again strengths is finding people to play when they are down teammates, Hunt said.

“We are really good at finding people right before the game so we can have a full team to play,” Hunt said.

During the first part of the season, some players didn’t show up because of schedule conflicts or they forgot, Silesky said.

Hunt wants people to know that everyone should at least try and play on an intramural team. It is one thing the he will miss the most.

The Threepeats Strike Again is currently 4-0, and this is the best that they have done for a while, Hunt said.

You can catch the Threepeats Strike Again playing on Mondays from 6-9 p.m., playing in Sam Carver Gymnasium.


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