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TV Review: “Bob’s Burgers”

A greasy family, awkward children, a lonely fry cook and a few regular customers. What more could you expect from a show called Bob’s Burgers?

I found myself really enjoying the show, episode after episode, season after season. What kept me coming back was finding out what new odd burger name Bob would feature on his burger of the day frame.

There’s a lot that goes on, both good and bad, to this burger shack; way more than any burger shack could ever imagine happening to them.

There’s a mechanical shark that destroys part of the city, the little girl Louise is always changing the name of the burger of the day, and Tina is just downright awkward and nobody knows what she is going to do next.

My favorite character is Gene, Bob’s son. Gene’s unpredictable. He’s always changing his persona to match the emotions he’s feeling at the present time, stating that “this is me now!”

Sadly, only season five is offered through Hulu, but you’ll be able to watch select clips and full length episodes at Fox.com.

I’ll give the show a rating of 80/100. Over 60 points means I’ll watch again. Rating is based on four categories: comedy, plot, originality and acting; each with a 25 point maximum. The comedy category is rating in terms of genre, so in an action show, action would replace comedy. I’m going to classify “Bob’s Burgers” as a comedy.

Comedy: 21/25

Plot: 23/25

Originality: 20/25

Acting: 16/25

Total: 80/100




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