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TV Review: “The Last Man on Earth”

Warning: If adult themes and crude language offend you, please do not watch this show. Otherwise, this show will be pretty damn sweet.

Since my last blog entry, “Rick and Morty,” I’ve been wondering what show to review next. I came upon a show called “The Last Man On Earth” and I absolutely loved it.


Imagine you’re the last man on earth. You have nothing else but the sheer fact of wanting to survive — and reproduce.

The main character, Phil, after living alone for two years, stumbles upon a woman in the desert in Tucson. He wants to reproduce but she says she must be married first.

I was glued to the show waiting to see how Phil was going to react to all of the morals that the last woman on earth still follows, even though there are no people around to judge.

It really gets you thinking about scenarios that would play out if you were actually the last man on earth. Would you eat with your hands? Would you feel guilty stealing anything? Would there be a need to dress nicely?

I wondered how long this show could continue because it seemed so straight forward, until they introduced a very good looking female character, after the fact that Phil got married to who he thought was the last woman on earth.

I’ll give the show a rating of 82/100. Over 60 points means I’ll watch again. Rating is based on four categories: comedy, plot, originality and acting; each with a 25 point maximum. The comedy category is rating in terms of genre, so in an action show, action would replace comedy. I’m going to classify “The Last Man On Earth” as a comedy.

Comedy: 20/25

Plot: 20/25

Originality: 22/25

Acting: 20/25

Total: 82/100





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