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There’s an App for That: Apps for Your Major

A common complaint of college students is trying to find that balance between social life and academics. For many of us, our social lives are accommodated in our mobile phones – some of our most frequently used apps are messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social medias. We have our phones with us all the time, we use them all the time, but we rarely use them for all they’re capable of. Maybe the seat of your social life can be the seat of your academic life, as well. Check out my list of four apps, catered to your major, that can help you study or sweeten your resume. All are free to download and available for iOS and Android systems.

Financial Calculator

Financial Calculator

Category: Specialty calculators

Great for: Finance, Accounting, and Business majors, lottery winners who want to find out how much their prize is worth in 20 years

Despite its rather unimaginative name, this app is super powerful and super useful. It was recommended to me by my Finance instructor as an easy way to calculate the time value of money, the annual yield of bonds, and return on interest – stuff like that. But after the class ended, I kept using it: to calculate tips, minimum credit card payments, and look up discount and tax values. Intuitive, low-maintenance and accessible, this app does the work for you using built-in formulas: all you have to do is plug the right number into the right spot. But if you need extra help, instructions for use and links to outside sources are available within the app.


AutoCAD 360

Category: Design management and collaboration

Great for: Engineers, architects, designers, creative souls, cup stackers, origami enthusiasts

AutoCAD 360 is part of a software suite available for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. It’s recently been redesigned to be faster, sleeker, and more functional for beginning users. With this app you can create drawings – maps, cross-sections, floor plans, you name it – to share and store. This app makes all your work compatible with other CAD software, so it’s useful to have the suite, but since it’s free to sign up for the app and everything is stored in the cloud, all you really need is to make sure your team is on board. I think the best thing about it is its speed and simplicity – it loads quickly and houses your work inbox and design revisions all in one place.


EMD Periodic Table

Category: Specialty reference

Great for: Chemists, biologists, Breaking Bad fans, pyromaniacs, super villains

First off, this app is one of the most attractive reference tools I’ve ever seen. Its color-coded, slide-to-view, dual function capabilities make it easy and fun to use. The home menu is a reproduction of the periodic table: users can tap any element to view photos, basic information like boiling point and composition, a short biography of the element’s discoverer and even solutions for equipment calibration or maintenance when interacting with this element. It’s a modern and thorough resource for reference in the lab or anywhere.


History: Maps of the World

Category: Visual reference, digital atlas

Great for: Historians, cartographers, the directionally challenged, time travelers trapped in a distant era

This app stores a collection of antique and modern maps – but it’s more fun than that! Customizable by era, location, and user interest, this app is a great resource for history projects and settling bets. It also has a search function inside the app if you’re looking for something specific. My favorites are the thematic maps of the world – you can swipe through maps that break down population statistics and demographics. There are also World War II maps, maps by different artists, and old road maps. I’m not a history or geography major, but this is one of my favorite non-social apps to browse when waiting for the bus.

Chime in: What’s your major? What’s your app? Let us know!


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