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Intramural Spotlight: Class on Grass

Western’s Intramural teams are in their third week of game, and a lot of students are working hard to get to the championship. A lot of the hard work each team puts into the season goes unnoticed. This blog will highlight teams from the different sports that Western’s intramural program offers.

James Price // Photo by Will McCoy

James Price, an engineering major, is the team captain for a competitive six on six soccer team during the spring intramural session. He has been playing spring soccer since his freshman year.

“Freshman year [my friends and I] just tried to get together a bunch of people to play and it started from there,” Price said. “We have just picked up, added and lost people until now.”

This year, Price named the team “Class on Grass”.

Mattson Overstreet, a business major, is a newcomer to Class on Grass. Overstreet guest played with Price on his indoor soccer team last winter quarter.

Overstreet didn’t have a team to play on this year, so Price asked him to join Class on Grass. There is a lot of team chemistry and everyone plays together really well, Overstreet said.

“Everyone [on the team] for the most part has played with each other and have known each other for a while,” Overstreet said.

The inspiration for the team name came from playing FIFA, a well-known soccer video game, online against other gamers.

“My friend and I were playing FIFA freshman year and we came up against a guy with the team name ‘Class on Grass’,” Price said. “So we just stole the name from him.”

Possession and passing is key to Class on Grass, Price said. They also have some players that are great dribblers who can take the ball up the field and pass it off to someone else in front of the goal.

Mattson Overstreet // Photo by Will McCoy

“We are a defensive team,” Overstreet said. “We like to look for our opportunities.

It is hard to rely on every member of the team to come to games, Price said. Sometimes people just don’t show up. He has been in this position multiple times, and it has led to him asking players from the previous games to play with him.

“[My team and I] have to check out the teams that played before us and ask them if they want to play,” Price said. “Most of the time people say no.”

Class on Grass is full of players that love to play soccer, said Price. It doesn’t matter to them if they win or lose; they are just there for the sport

“It is just about having a good time,” Price said.

Class on Grass plays men’s competitive on Sundays from 8-11 p.m., and co-ed recreational on Mondays from 9-12.pm.


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