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TV Review: “Rick and Morty”

“Rick and Morty” is easily the best show on television I’ve seen to date. Let me warn you, if cartoon violence and adult themes are something that disturb you, this show may not be the one.

I started off with the pilot episode, standard protocol for beginning a new series. The show ended up being so good that before I knew it, I finished the first season and wound up looking for the date the second season would be released.

“Rick and Morty” is about a scientist, Rick, who drags his grandson, Morty, on all sorts of intergalactic adventures, from blowing up entire alien civilizations to playing with a blue cube called a “Meeseeks box.”

Although it’s hard to say, the Meeseeks episode is probably my favorite episode. It starts off by Rick giving his family a Meeseeks box, and when you press the big red button on top, a slender, blue man pops out and wants to complete the task you assign to it, and it won’t disappear until the task has been met.

I seriously recommend this show. It’s like an adult version of the Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time”; all the randomness and adventure mixed with vulgarity relatable to South Park, but not as crude.

I encourage all to view the show. You’ll be able to find every episode, except for the pilot episode, on Adult Swim’s website.

I’ll give the show a rating of 100/100. Over 60 points means I’ll watch again. Rating is based on four categories: comedy, plot, originality and acting; each with a 25 point maximum. The comedy category is rating in terms of genre, so in an action show, action would replace comedy. I’m going to classify “Rick and Morty” as a comedy.

Comedy: 25/25

Plot: 25/25

Originality: 25/25

Acting: 25/25

Total: 100/100





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