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  • This is an easement, not a purchase which would have been better. So while the preservation of trails and the lack of development is good for the environment, let’s call this what it is. A company that has enjoyed using our natural resources for decades made us pay them a $3 million dollar ransom to keep doing so while 42% of Whatcom County Residents live at or below the poverty line, at least 1,000 of them are homeless, and our government makes no real investments in public infrastructure, housing or education. But hey, at least some big company who knows the mayor and council still gets to cut down trees and was able to bully us into giving them $3 million. Typical Linville administration garbage. Give money to those who can already help themselves, and pretend that it was for the benefit of the community. How about this instead, how about reminding the Trillium Corporation that they get to harvest trees here because the people allow it, and demand they give back to the community that supports them without requiring a $3 million mafia style protection money fee for the community to use their land. So let’s no break an arm jerking the city council off on this one. We need real land purchases to ensure environmental protection, and we need to get our priorities in order before preserving recreational use of anything while people are freezing to death on our streets, while the same council that approved this refuses to use available publicly owned buildings to house them in the winter. This was only a win for the people involved here, not for everyone.

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