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  • I thought both candidates acquitted themselves admirably. We are truly blessed in that, by this time next year, Dave McEachran will be an unpleasant sight in our rear view mirror. Either candidate will be a vast improvement . I also thought that both candidates were well aware of their audience and were to some degree playing to it. While I enthusiastically back James Erb, I rated Eric Richey higher on most issues as well–on some questions higher than James. Eric’s fatal flaw is his association with McEachran for whom he has great respect–a respect hardly shared by many of us. While both candidates are Democrats, I expect Richey to pivot some views after the primary to curry favor with the Republicans. I could be wrong and hope I am.

    I did have some questions to ask that would likely have added more space between the two candidates, but this forum was designed for the sponsors to get their views across to the candidates and the audience; thus, there was no audience/larger community involvement other than to listen and rate.

  • Your timeline is very different from what I remember. In my recall, the impassioned articulate outburst by Terrence Morris came not after the first question, but at the very end of the meeting. Junga had stated that each of the panelists would now share their closing observations, and a group of people were walking out as is so often the case at the end of a meeting. Terrence took it personally, which I thought was an overdetermined reaction. I probably would have left myself had I been in a back row to “beat the traffic” out of the parking lot. I doubt that any of the early leavers intended disrespect. They would have likely done the same for any forum they thought was essentially over. The attendees knew the perspectives of the groups sponsoring the forum and are hugely supportive of these groups.

    I am deeply concerned that so many progressive groups these days who want to better race relations choose to take on those who support their cause but deviate slightly from the group orthodoxy, rather than take on the true villains. They seem hell bent on marginalizing themselves even further. They don’t realize that blasting a supporter for not fully buying into their credo will only drive the supporter further from that credo.

  • Were the cited ratings of the candidates from the audience as a whole, or from the panel? I thought the panel was extremely tough on their ratings of responses to the early questions, but grew more lenient as the forum continued. I sat next to a bastion of the progressive community in Whatcom County who said she could not complete the evaluation because there were no criteria upon which to base her answers. I said everybody could use their own criteria and not to overthink it. Still, she refrained from evaluating. I wasn’t asked for a composite rating but, if each question were valued equally. my individual ratings would likely have been B+ for James and B- for Eric .

    • Bob,
      Thanks for reaching out. Our reporter used the panel’s grades, which were public at the forum. The public’s ratings were submitted back to Junga Subedar, the forum’s facilitator, for the forum’s own records and information.

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