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  • Wow way to edit out the real story. We, Period Bomb, we’re as far away from our home of Miami FL as possible and we got paid less than we EVER have in 4 years here: $10. They don’t care about keeping touring culture alive and not just for kids with trustfunds at ALL. Here’s the real interview:
    What is your full name and what are your pronouns?
    Cam Alvarez, they

    What made you decide to play at Luigi’s Mansion?
    Well, most the places we would usually play were closed for the summer
    so we are lucky they were willing to accommodate us for that short
    performance. Last time Bellingham was totally worth going out of the
    way for, especially because our friend who hosts us there rules so

    How was your experience there?
    It reminded me a lot of our warehouse/venue situation back in South
    Florida except bigger and nicer and the sound was actually pretty loud
    and clear there, so at least we got a good phone recording. We tend to
    punish our audience pretty hard during our pre-set extended sound
    checks that usually turn into elaborate little plays and this audience
    had 0 SURVIVORS. A nice couple did walk in after it and though and
    enjoyed the rest of it. The guy running the place, the bands that
    played, and our friend who booked it also watched and seemed to really
    enjoyed it. All of those nice people who watched us at least put some
    donations towards merch, except for the dude running the space. We
    kept hearing him apologize for not making us any money that night
    since we first met him and before the first person had arrived. I
    guess he did not have a lot of faith in his community, or maybe it was
    his community that does not have faith in him to bring acts that
    deserve and perhaps even depend on $5 per person at the show. We even
    overheard someone saying they were not paying for the show because
    they’ve lived in Bellingham their whole lives. They all seemed like
    really nice people though. But funny enough, the next day when we were
    busking in downtown to actually get enough cash to get to Spokane from
    there, the host dude also passed right by us twice, smiling, and still
    did not feel it necessary to donate any money to us. I feel it is
    really important to enable artists to tour that don’t have huge
    savings they can tap into at any moment, even the furthest most polar
    opposite tip of the country like Bellingham is to us from Miami. I
    would thinking especially if you live in a small town that is totally
    out of the way for touring bands and care at all about hearing people
    who might actually have something to say rather than just sell. There
    were a whooole lot of robots that passed us while we were playing on
    that corner with our battery powered power-electronics, flutes and
    analog echo-chamber plastic mic from Burger King circa 2011. One more
    round of last minute begging at a gas station outside of Bellingham
    with a primarily Arab population and we made just enough to get to our
    show in Spokane which thankfully, was bangin.
    Overall I’ve gotta give Bellingham a 7 in the school season and a hard
    1 during the summer time (at least for touring bands) Jon.

    What is your full name and what are your pronouns?
    Shuggy Sugarman, she

    What made you decide to play at Luigi’s Mansion?
    I’m on tour with Period Bomb.

    What stuck out to you when you played at the venue?
    A lot of the audience was fake and we got paid in the corners of bitten weed
    brownies. I literally grabbed someone and said “kill me kill me” and
    they just walked away, I mean that’s an intimate moment ya know? How
    could they just walk away? The people who hung around our horrible
    musical experiments on the street the next day seemed way more genuine
    than some of the people at the show. I really liked the kids who were dancing to our music there but not their parents who pulled them away
    and went to go make them stare at the human statue and give it money

    What is your full name and what are your pronouns?
    DJ, they

    What made you decide to play at Luigi’s Mansion?
    Cam made me do it!

    What stuck out to you when you played at the venue?
    The big, thick, soft carpet stood out to me.

    How was your experience there?
    It was fun. Two people moshed.

    How’d you like Bellingham?
    I love Bellingham.

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