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  • Nickie Simonetti

    I have taught reading 45+ years and recognize the limited success of current reading instruction.
    My book addresses the overlooked factors (cognitive/ perceptual, linguistic and affective) that interfere with reading mastery. It also presents novel strategies to ameliorate their impact.
    I am a teacher, not a writer. However the too many years of watching students struggle has driven me to share the methods I’ve created. Basically, the work recognizes the innate potential of many struggling readers and provides tools that hone association and reasoning to “break the code” (unlike most current reading programs that overly focus on rote memory and drill).
    Simply put, Time Is Not On Our Side. We can not leave students in a state of confusion and frustration and expect them to remain tolerant of the system. America’s drop-out rate and overall poor International Academic Standing confirm that.
    I am devoted to changing the current prognosis (School to Prison) of too many students. My methods expedite learning to read; my hope is to get the information “out there”. Yours may be an appropriate channel to do that. C. Nickie Simonetti, PD

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