• As you’ve started, you are working on a piece re: Homeless population. Thank you for that. I am requesting coverage on shelter alternatives as proposed by so many during the public comment period. It is distressing to see this large and vocal advocacy cohort receiving zero coverage. Please promise more on this. The voices of those currently or formerly homeless are important and deserve more than drive-by coverage. Thank you.

  • not to mention that those of us that are married cant be together or have our cats have a litter box at the drop in center or the womens church

  • What do you want to bet that the bike lanes will be implemented before a shelter is … because making our waterfront an “international showfront” is the priority over following RCW Guidelines for ending homelessness in our state. The time to make this change is NOW — as in housing all homeless people who are dying in our streets and bike lanes — before someone’s LIFE is already done (because people cannot come back from the dead). Let’s do it right PERIOD because there is no NEXT time when someone’s LIFE is on the line. https://www.change.org/p/bellingham-city-council-declaration-of-emergency-homelessness-response-in-bellingham-wa-whatcom-county

  • I wish reporters would stop calling what they have at the drop in center beds they are no more then yoga mats where you are 6 inches away from the person sleeping beside you. Would you want to sleep that close to someone that you dont know? Its inhuman at best. BTW the DIC does turn people away and they also ban them so where are they suppose to go there is no place for them to go so they are force to camp outside which is Illegal

    • Hi, Jim. I’m the editor-in-chief this quarter and want to thank you for your feedback. The Western Front is continue to work on stories about homelessness in Whatcom County and I will pass on your concerns to our news editors. Feel free to reach out with any other concerns or questions. You can email us at westernfrontonline@gmail.com

  • Please note the photograph of Jim Peterson (president Homes Now Not Later) , as he speaks – NOT about bicycle lanes .

  • SERIOUSLY ????? Clearly the most supported , and most important issue was the effort by local non-profit group , Homes Now Not Later , (You might remember the folks who STUFFED the council chamber , and made SEVERAL heartfelt pleas to the council to release the constraints held against the homeless !!!! Judge for yourselves ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxSH_ THIS IS SIMPLY AN UNACCEPTABLE OMISSION FROM THIS STORY !

    • Hi, Markis. I’m the editor-in-chief of The Western Front this quarter. I just wanted to let you know I’ve seen your comments on our articles and have passed them on to our news editors. We are continuing to cover homelessness in Whatcom County and appreciate you taking the time to write about your concerns. We are taking them into account. Feel free to contact us at westernfrontonline@gmail.com

      • Asia – Thank you for your cordial response … It’s just that the largess of the attendance was there in favor of a very good , independently funded program , which , if implemented , will save lives on day one … Please excuse what seems
        our members’ passion , as it is truly vociferous compassion .

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