What’s Western Wearing

By: Ray Garcia


Name: Sana Witham

Year: Freshman

Major: Marine Biology


Where are your favorite places to shop?

“I love Buffalo Exchange, and honestly, Value Village has some great stuff. I do a lot of shopping online.”

Where does your style derive from?

“I kind of just wear what I like to wear. I keep up with today’s fashion, but I like to do retro, throwback vintage stuff.” 


How’d you choose today’s look?

“Well, I slept in this sweater because it was cold last night, and so I didn’t want to take this sweater off.” 

What are some trends that are catching your attention?

“I love the punk style, and some goth styles…Kind of alternative, I guess.”


Grandpa’s jacket

Sweater from Goodwill

Pants from TheRaggedPriest.com

Boots from a supply store

Earrings from Value Village

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