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  • I found several double standards in your 10/24 article, “Determined to Diversify Computer Science.” In short, they amounted to: any demographic discrepancy for women is sexism and needs to be fixed, while any discrepancy for men can be ignored.

    The article showed disdain for the fact that only 16.4% of computer science majors are women. But the article had no problem with the overall enrollment at Western being 56.6% female. (Washington is 48% female in the 18-24 age group). A quote in the article even implied that computer classes at Western should conform to the demographics of Western as a whole and be 56.6% female. Why don’t administrators and the Western Front, instead, focus on getting the overall enrollment at Western to conform to the demographics of the state population and stop discriminating against men? When will the Western Front report on this?

    When will the Western Front also show disdain for the lack of men in Art History, Psychology, and Education classes?

    A woman complained of a tongue-in-cheek “Cis white males only” network, saying it made her feel unsafe. Yet a women’s college-sponsored club mentioned in the article (Association for Women in Computing—legally, men cannot be excluded, but they certainly aren’t welcome.) is apparently fine. The duplicity is extreme.

    One of the reasons offered for why so few women are in computer science is the negative stereotypes given to computer scientists. One of these negative stereotypes is that computer nerds are on the computer 16 or more hours a day. This does not make for a balanced life. But when a woman asked about making a career out of computing, she was given a company where she could work 4 days a week so that she could spend time with her children and have a more balanced life. She implied that this was sexism against her because she was treated differently. But it was actually sexism against the men in computer science who are not offered a balanced life.

    It was also mentioned that the women’s computer group would soon visit a public middle school to, I assume, talk to girls. How is this not sexism? Could boys interested in computer science also benefit from this? Why exclude them? (This occurs even though public colleges are prohibited from discriminating.)

    This article expresses an attitude toward men and women found in our colleges and society today. Men are pure evil, while women are pure good and victims of men. Women need protection and special treatment. The Western Front expresses this attitude constantly. Sometimes I think it should be called the Women’s Front because of all the articles about women as women. (There were 3 articles about women in this issue, not counting the Features page, which is usually about women, as it was in this issue as well.) When will the Western Front and WWU stop this sexism? This constant focus on and pandering to women and the total censoring of men’s perspectives and issues is what is known as the “lace curtain.” As journalism students, you should be tearing down the lace curtain, not learning to weave it.

    Robin Stevens

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