What’s Western Wearing

By: Logan Portteus


Name: Gabe Martinez

Year: Senior

Major: English with an emphasis in creative writing


Where do you primarily shop?

“I generally go to Value Village or any sort of thrift shop.  I’m pretty lucky because I find most of my clothes on the side of the street in boxes of discarded clothing.”

What is the importance of style to you?

“It’s a form of self expression.  Clothing for me has become a great outlet for my gender expression.  I try to make my own clothes as often as I can.”


Any advice on how people can find their own style?

“I’d say just find what makes you happy.  If that means just wearing a raggedy old t shirt, wear the raggedy old t shirt, it doesn’t really matter.  Personalizing your own clothing always feels very special, so if you find any kind of fabric at a fabric stores, just sew it on.  Even if it’s something you [originally] picked up from a department store.”

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