What’s Western Wearing

By Rachel Sandal


Name: Alexia Suarez

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing


What is your fashion inspiration?
My style is random and quirky. I’m inspired by different patterns and cool textures. I’m inspired by a kind of bohemian style. My look usually consists of me putting a bunch of things together that don’t really go together and making it work.


Where do you like to shop?
I like to shop at a bunch of different places. I like to go thrift store shopping and look for cute little vintage things. I work at H&M so I like to shop there. It really depends on the mood of the outfit.


What is your fashion pet peeve?
My fashion pet peeve would probably be colored jeans, besides black of course. I love bright colors, and incorporating them into your style is cool, but colored jeans are so junior high.


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