• guilty until proven innocent>

  • I know Edgar, so I did a double take when I saw this photo of him holding the flyer. I took time to read the article and was reassured that he is not promoting it. The caption maybe should be clearer to state that he is not promoting this.

  • Thank you to Western Front for publishing the article on Proud Boys recruitment efforts. I am a community member who wishes to be aware of any hint of hate crime action or hate group tolerance.

  • Hi I was concerned when I read that you think the Proud Boys are rooted in hate and violence. Of which you claim to know that they are racists and violent. Other than your belief that you’re an expert what other documentation or actual evidence do you have to support these claims? Have you personally witnessed any otrocities? Or been the victim of Proud Boys? It mostly sounds like slander.

  • Not going to mention the hundreds of communist flyers that were around town whose facebook page clearly calls for violence? Put all around campus and downtown? The same people who have actually been committing acts of violence and riots all around the country? and who actively shut down free speech? What about them? The proud boys are not racist! And not violent unless attacked, they are boys who are proud to live in a great free country and who want the children of all Americans to have that same great privilege. This is a slanderous hit piece.

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