• a concerned dad

    well written but I will make sure he is not in any of my daughters classes

  • How did your staff come about the knowledge that Connor was being readmitted back to Western?

    • Hello! I am one of the news editors on The Western Front this quarter. We received a tip that he was re-admitted and followed up with the school’s registrar’s office. All other information in the story was obtained via public records requests and court documents.

  • This is a well put together article and a good piece of journalism, well done Western Front.

  • This young man fulfilled his social punishment legally asigned to him. People with a criminal record especially for sexual offenses have life long consiquences with housing, employment, shame etc. I aplaud the administration for giving him an opportunity to continue to grow and develop as a person. I’m not excusing what he did or endorsing it, however, we as a society need to reform the way we treat people with criminal offenses who have completed their legal punishment.

  • By what moral compass is the administration navigating this ship? Letting a rapist back on campus. Allowing sexually motivated burglers work for the track team and then failing to provide the full story to the campus when they are caught. The entire admin needs to have their employment reevaluated and whole new polices put in place.

    • It is quite the dilemma. He has served his justice system administered punishment and fulfilled the legal requirements imposed on him. Should he be banned from higher learning and prevented from bettering himself? We have a homeless crisis in town, do we just want to throw another one on the stack?

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