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  • This is just wonderful! Thank you for bringing attention to this important topic. Talking about periods is not something a lot of people feel comfortable doing, but we need to! The more we talk about menstruation, the more people will realize that it’s a normal part of female anatomy. It’s not shameful and it’s a basic human process. Without periods, there would be no people! It’s also important to remember that there are a lot of women and girls who cannot afford to purchase feminine hygiene products to manage their periods. Food stamps doesn’t cover femcare. When women and girls don’t have access to feminine hygiene products, they are left behind and their health is at risk if they use other means to manage their periods, i.e. toilet paper, rags, etc. No women or girl should have to stay at home because she doesn’t have a tampon or pad. No women or girl should feel embarrassed in class because she has started her period and/or has had to use toilet paper. Furthermore, girls who use tampons and wear them too long because they don’t have adequate supply, puts them at risk of TSS.

    This conversation is wonderful! Thank you for what you are doing to raise awareness. I hope Western supports your proposal.

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