• @Dave Smailes,
    While I appreciate your suggestion of what other people should be doing with their activist space, I would also encourage you to take that cause upon yourself and get involved in organizing and advocating for that issue rather than demeaning the actions and causes of others.

    Additionally, I would venture to extend the thought of “hardship olympics” to you. By devaluing and dismissing the plights of others in their fight for self determination and agency because you feel their struggles have less value than the one you are championing, you are participating in a very common symptom of the “hardship olympics” display. Farmworker rights is just as serious and pressing of an issue as veteran care and rehabilitation; there is no hierarchy in advocating for the correction of injustices.

    By advocating for the rights of farmworkers, students like those who belong to SFJ are actively participating in the discourse to dismantle nationalism, racism, and classism. They are advocating for union jobs, safe working conditions and accountability of both workers and bosses. They are giving voice to a silenced and oppressed group, much like advocating for veteran care and treatment does for veterans.

    Please consider the intentions and overarching purpose of a group and the effects they may have on the community around them before dismissing and devaluing the work that they do.

  • You guys amaze me. First you could be protesting the way US Veterans are receiving poor to non existent treatment by the VA. Yep these are our own US citizens. Then you stick yourselves into the government of Mexico is doing. Don’t worry soon those being exploited will be here in the US taking welfare and health care and hurting our own economy. Why don’t you help them become citizens, get an education and a trade and then get a good, real job?

    Remember again…your own US Veterans.

    Dave Smailes

    • Hi Dave, how are ya? Two things: one: In my experience, students have very limited time and resources and have to be very picky about the causes they invest in, and two: I don’t see any reason why both efforts could be going on concurrently.

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